04PC setting port M5-M74

The 0P-C control uses the hardware of the 0M-C, but it has the same parameter mapping as the old Fanuc 6M-B. The parameter settings for the 6M-B would be:
311: 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 (9600 baud, 1 stop-bit, Xon/Xoff handshaking)
340: 2
341: 2
The bit on the far left of 311 just prevents the Fanuc from sending a lot of nulls at the begining and end of the program, and it could be a “0” also.
Both the M5 and the M74 plugs are bi-directional. The “086” alarm indicates that the control is not seeing a signal from the PC on that port. Normally, these signals are jumpered out in the DNC cables, so if you were to plug into M5 and the control is trying to use M74 (or vice-versa), I would expect an alarm 086.
Selecting the M5 or the M74 plug is something that is done on the 0M-C or 0T-C controls with a setting bit marked “I/O”. The old Fanuc 6 never had two serial ports, so it never had this bit. On the 0M-C control, a setting of “0” or “1” uses the M5 port, while a setting of “2” or “3” uses the M74 port. Also, the M74 port required an additional option parameter on the 0M-C control.
On 04PC, if you select M74 port, input devive should be 0 ( tape reader)
If you select M5, input device is 1-2-3, it connect with parameter #310, #311, #312. Note with parameter #18.1=0

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