PMC alarms

​600 PMC ALARM: INVALID INSTRUCTIONAn invalid instruction interrupt occurred in the PMC.601PMC ALARM: RAM PARITYA PMC RAM parity error occurred.602PMC ALARM: SERIAL TRANSFERA PMC serial transfer error occurred.603PMC ALARM: WATCHDOGA PMC watchdog timer alarm occurred.604PMC ALARM: ROM PARITYA PMC ROM parity error occurred.605PMC ALARM: OVER STEPThe maximum allowable number of PMC ladder program steps was exceeded.606PMC ALARM: I/O MODULE ASSIGNMENTThe assignment of I/O module signals is incorrect.607PMC ALARM: I/O LINKAn I/O link error occurred. The details are listed below.607 010*...

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System alarms

​The 950 PMC SYSTEM ALARM can be caused by a problem with the I/O, particularly if an external voltage is applied to the I/O system. The 911 RAM PARITY ERROR alarm may mean that the Memory board has failed but it may also mean simply that the parameters have been lost due to a bad battery. The only way to find out is to do a memory clear. Turn the NC off, hold the RESET and the DELETE button, turn the NC back on while holding both buttons. If the alarm goes away and is replaced with servo alarms, etc. then the Memory board is probably ok. At this point you must follow the procedures for...

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AL-01    Motor is Overheated (Thermostat). AL-02    Speed Deviation is excessive. Actual speed versus Commanded speed.AL-03    Fuse F7 at DC Link is blown.AL-04    Fuse F1, F2, or F3 at AC input is blown.AL-06    Motor has exceeded the Maximum Rated Speed. (Analog System Detection)AL-07    Motor has exceeded the Maximum Rated Speed. (Digital System Detection)AL-08    Power Supply voltage is too high.AL-09    The Heat Sink is overheated.AL-10    The +15 VDC is abnormally low.AL-11    The voltage...

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Power Supply Alarms

​AL-01 on the Power Supply Module means that the incoming AC is adequate but the DC Link voltage is low. This normally indicates that the PSM is defective but you can disconnect the DC Link from the drives to determine if the voltage is being pulled down by one of them. When you have the AL-01 you should have AL-30 on the Spindle Amplifier since AL-30 means there is a problem with the input power circuit. If you disconnect the DC Link completely you may get AL-07 because the PSM thinks the fuse is blown. You may have to try to keep one of the drives connected. AL-02 on the PSM (power supply...

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Ac Fanuc spindle alarm AL-17

How to initialize the memory (NV-RAM) on the AC Digital Spindle PCB.  ALARM #17 1) Obtain a current spindle parameter list from the Machine Tool Builder. (This parameter list was supplied by the MTB and should be with the machine.) 2) Turn main power off. 3) On the spindle board change the jumper setting “S1” from DRIVE to TEST. 4) On newer spindle PCB, “SH” jumper must be set from DRIVE to SET. (Most spindle boards do not have this jumper setting.) 5) Turn the main power on. You will see the 7 segment display changing as follows. (00000) to (11111) to…to...

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930 CPU Interrupt

The 930 CPU Interrupt often occurs when there’s a disruption to the 5V logic supply. This is usually due to electrical noise in the machine or in the electrical panel. FANUC misleads you in the manual by suggesting replacement of the master board. This rarely solves the problem. This fault is almost always caused by problems in the grounding or electrical arc suppression of AC and DC devices. Often, the problem will not occur if you leave the machine in Estop after powering up. Once you take it out of Estop, hydraulics, etc come on and that’s when the problem usually...

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