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​OM parameter #23 00000001 japan 00000010 english backlash 536, 537, 538 3m 53,54,55 Om: show RPM on screen: #14: 00010100  FERDT AUTO DECELERATE CONERa.LZ If we change the parameter #19 bit 7 to 1 the values in the DGN screen for the timer/counter will change from binary to decimal. 8100 8200 8300 8101 8201 8301 8102 8202 8302 8120 8220 8320 Motor type 8121 8221 8321 Load Inertia 8122 8222 8322 Direction 8123 8223 8323 pulse / rev 8124 8224 8324 pulse / rev 8n20            Motor Format Number      ...

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Master board 15 info

A20B-1003-0230:  Fanuc 15 master board More Information Fanuc A20B-1003-0230 Backplane. This pcb is a series 15 control motherboard with Fibre Optic which acts as a master pcb to the entire Fanuc 15 system. The board connects the BASE0, BASE1, BASE2, Graphics, Axis board(s) too allow from 2-8 axis control on the smaller and simpler FS-15 controls, up to seriously large configurations. DNC have four Fanuc 15 control systems, a run of the mill 15T and 15M, a 15TF and a 15iM standalone test rig built by GE Fanuc HQ before their disbandment by Fanuc & General Electric. Belonged to...

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CRT monitor

The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube containing an electron gun (a source of electrons) and a fluorescent screen, with internal or external means to accelerate and deflect the electron beam, used to create images in the form of light emitted from the fluorescent screen. The image may represent electrical waveforms (oscilloscope), pictures (television, computer monitor), radar targets and others

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Master board O/0 series info

A16B-1010-0285: FANUC 0-B Master Board (3/4 axis) More Information Fanuc A16B-1010-0285 Series 0-B Master PCB is the second generation digital 0 series B main boards. The system designation is Fanuc 0MB, 0TTB, 0PB, 0GB, 0P4C and come with built in digital axis controls. The A16B-1010-0285 controls basic graphics with a sub system, and uses a simple on board or off board I/O peripheral system. The A16B-1010-0285 basic configuration, though it can expand via additional ports. Again similar to the 0A system it can support PMC-L or PMC-M off board and can drive 3 to 4 axes with 1 spindle...

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Meldas M3 parameter reinstall

Initialize the MC-161(9) card – In the back cabinet, find the MC-161(9) card on the control. – Locate the DIP switches along the edge of the MC-161(9) card. – Starting from the topmost switch, flip the first, third, and fifth switches on. – Turn on the main disconnect, then turn on the control for 30 seconds. The screen will still be blank. – Power everything off and set all the DIP switches back to the left/off positions, – Power up the control again. – You should now have a display. Format the memory and load the canned cycles – Go to the...

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Spindle Orientation adjustments

What is spindle orientation and how is it determined? Spindle orientation is when the spindle finds its home position just like a regular machine tool axis accept that its called orientation. Orientation is often needed to align the tools up properly in order to perform a tool change. Orientation could miss position for a number of reasons. Crash, sensor, axis misalignment causing a crash are the most common. Orientation is usually set with either parameters or a pot on the circuit board or drive. Remember axis alignment at tool change position must be correct before adjusting orientation...

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