Fanuc 10 Alarm IO030 check sum error

This means that a part of the memory has been corrupted. Have you just started getting this alarm after loading a new program to the control? This usually happens when loading to the control. You can sometimes find and delete the program if you know which one gave you the problem.

Best solution is to clear memory and reload programs. First thing you have to do is backup all of your programs. If your 8000 and 9000 programs are locked you must unlock them otherwise they will not read out of the CNC when doing a backup.

Parameter 0011.0 unlocks the 8000
Parameter 2201.0 unlocks the 9000

Once you have backed up your control then do a power up holding the “-“minus and“.”decimal on power up. This will bring you to the IPL screen. Press “3” for clear files, press “7” for program directory, press “6” for end IPL. Now reload programs into the control.

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