Power Supply Alarms

AL-01 on the Power Supply Module means that the incoming AC is adequate but the DC Link voltage is low. This normally indicates that the PSM is defective but you can disconnect the DC Link from the drives to determine if the voltage is being pulled down by one of them. When you have the AL-01 you should have AL-30 on the Spindle Amplifier since AL-30 means there is a problem with the input power circuit. If you disconnect the DC Link completely you may get AL-07 because the PSM thinks the fuse is blown. You may have to try to keep one of the drives connected.

AL-02 on the PSM (power supply module) means there is a problem with the amplifier’s cooling fan.

AL-03 means the temperature of the heat sink of the power supply has risen too high.

AL-04 means the DC Link voltage has dropped.

AL-05 means the incoming AC is abnormal (open phase) or the main capacitor did not charge in the specified amount of time. The DC Link may be shorted or the recharge current limiting resistor is defective.

AL-06 means the incoming AC is defective (open phase).

AL-07 means the DC Link is too high. There could be excessive power being regenerated or the impedance of the AC supply is too high, an incoming AC variation of more than 7% can cause this or a defective regeneration unit. 

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